Saturday, February 7, 2009

CVS - How it Works & Coupon Policy

ExtraCare Card

  1. Get your ExtraCare card! It's a free frequent shopper card, with rewards!
  2. Register your card with CVS online.
  3. Always have your ExtraCare card scanned at check out.
ExtraCare Rewards
  1. Rewards are called Extra Bucks.
  2. Earn 2% cash back with every purchase.
  3. Earn $1 Extra Buck for every two prescriptions purchased.
  4. Earn additional Extra Bucks when you purchase specific sales items.
  5. You only earn Extra Bucks if you have your ExtraCare card scanned! Extra Bucks print at the bottom of your receipts. Save them & use them on your next CVS purchase.
Coupon Policy
  1. CVS accepts one store coupon & one manufacture coupon per item.
  2. CVS accepts two coupons for a BOGO offer. One for the "buy one" item and one for the "get one" item.
  3. CVS accepts a BOGO coupon fon a BOGO sale, making both items FREE.
  4. Always ask for a raincheck if your store is out of a sale item you want.

This is only a basic coupon policy.
Please ask your store for their specific store coupon policy.

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